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Client Case Study: Rapid Go-to-Market Cloud Software Solution

Our client is an agricultural-tech company that delivers a highly differentiated approach to agricultural lighting, using specific wavelengths and patterns of light to maximize plant and poultry production.



Developing a rapid software solution to launch their Pulsed Alternating Wavelengths System product line to market very quickly, generate revenue through an eCommerce portal, reuse apps for future offerings, and scale up for new commercial market opportunities. User experience, security, and availability were required for its MVP – along with performance, scalability, and fault tolerance.


DevIQ proposed a cloud-native backend, powered by AWS Amplify. We developed a detailed plan and roadmap, customizing communication tactics and processes to ensure workstream progress in parallel.

We then configured AWS technology stacks for 1) expediting the development process and delivering a reliable & scalable backend, 2) managing product purchase and marketing content, 3) integrating the ordering system and facilitating subscription purchases, and 4) facilitating Bluetooth product communication.

We also created compelling user experiences for controlling lights and purchasing products. The design and implementation of software infrastructure and applications supported a rapid MVP launch of our customer’s advanced consumer and equine light therapy product offerings, including iOS and Android mobile apps with Bluetooth capability, simulated Alpha / Beta testing without real hardware, a custom administrator UI for user management, subscriptions, reporting, and more.



DevIQ delivered a comprehensive software solution that met our client’s key business objectives and requirements, including a production-ready, user-centric MVP mobile apps and an e-commerce website, with modern and scalable cloud infrastructure to support their continued success.


AWS Amplify and associated libraries – to accelerate the provisioning of the AWS backend components

AWS AppSync – to provide data access and offline sync for native mobile apps through GraphQL queries and mutations

AWS Cognito – to provide user registration, authentication, and authorization using role-based security

Amazon Route53 – to reliably and cost-effectively route end users to Internet applications

AWS S3 – to distribute custom Firmware to physical devices using the native apps and to extract device logs files

AWS Lambda functions – to integrate eCommerce data into the AWS backend and to validate and facilitate user subscriptions for the native applications using custom business logic

DynamoDB – used as the primary database

STMicro libraries – to facilitate Bluetooth communication

SquareSpace eCommerce – for product purchase and marketing content, as the eCommerce engine

SquareSpace webhooks –to integrate the ordering system and facilitate subscription purchases

AWS CloudWatch – for logging and system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health.

CircleCI and Firebase – to distribute native applications

Swift and STBlueIOS stacks – for developing the native iOS mobile app

Kotlin and STBlueAndroid stacks – for developing the native Android app

AWS Pipelines – to automate the deployment of the AWS Amplify project