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DevIQ Quarterly

Our Quarterly Review newsletter features tech insights, company updates, and job openings from our cloud-native digital software engineering and delivery team. Please subscribe below!

  • Q4 2023: How to book a complimentary strategy session, advice about using Agile methodologies in Greenfield projects, and hiring & certification news from the DevIQ team
  • Q3 2023: The benefits & limitations of AWS Amplify, scheduling a Well Architected Framework Review, our latest DevIQ video, and team certification achievements

  • Q2 2023Delivering rapid value via Data Science project execution, our new AWS video, getting started with Data Strategy, and celebrating customer success. Plus, new team members, tech certification achievements, and open positions

  • Q1 2023: Articles from our team on SmartOps, MLOps, and AWS Decoupled Architecture. Plus, new team members and open positions at DevIQ

  • Q4 2022: AWS Re:Invent, annual poster illustration, certifications, and open positions

  • Q3 2022: Machine learning operations (MLOps), design sprints, VueConf 2022, Women in Tech... and we're hiring!

  • Q2 2022: New website, tech insights, GIS partnership, team news

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DevIQ specializes in digital strategy and product design & engineering, for cloud-native applications

and we believe in the power of software and technology to make life better.