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Who We Are


Making experiences better

We’re 100% committed to delivering successful experiences for our customers as a company, as a delivery team, and as individuals. In fact, our definition of DevIQ’s success is literally “our customers’ success.”
As we offload the complexity of great software development from our customers, so they can focus on their core business, we prioritize the success of everyone involved – including our customers, our employees, our partners, and the millions who use the products we engineer.


We've earned a long-standing reputation for creating great partnerships with our clients, doing what we say we'll do, and building a team that values trust, communication, integrity, teamwork, and a healthy work-life balance.

If you’re looking for a custom-built, ready-to-roll product engineering partner that works as an extension of your team, you’re in the right place.


We love what we do, we’re expanding our full-time team quickly, and we’re looking for talented, innovative, and enthusiastic people to join us.  If you’re talented, creative, and looking for a great place to develop your skills and career, we’d love to meet you!

Our Values: The DevIQ Way

Appreciating People

We value and celebrate our clients, employees, partners, and product users.


We support each other toward individual and team success, every day.

Owning the Problem

We take responsibility for delivering solutions with integrity and excellence.

Embracing Growth

We believe growth enables more opportunity & value for our clients, employees, and partners.

Creating Value

We focus on making a positive impact in everything we do, as a company and as individuals.


Managing Partners

In 2018, DVmobile (Shawn Davison) and Hatton Point Software (Denton Crofts) merged to form DevIQ. In 2020, we acquired Notion One (Eric Brown). Don Kasica, an industry veteran, joined as a partner in 2020. We knew our teams could innovate and deliver even better together, generating strategic ROI for our customers versus technical debt, and focusing on solution lifecycles versus project end dates.

Shawn Davison

Shawn’s been building software technology companies, and architecting software used by millions around the world, for more than 25 years. His specialty is product design and delivery, and he’s passionate about creating visionary solutions, building outstanding teams, and delivering transformative user experiences that ultimately improve the quality of life.

Shawn is fluent in both business and technology. His deep experience includes serving as CTO, leading digital R&D, and co-founding successful companies – all of which continues to influence his drive to innovate every day for DevIQ customers.

Shawn Davison
Denton Crofts

Denton is passionate about building relationships with people, especially DevIQ customers, partners, and employees. A seasoned entrepreneur and sales leader for more than 25 years, he has a keen interest in understanding our customers, evaluating their business needs, and putting smart solutions together.

Denton loves challenging our team to create, implement, and refine new tools and processes that enable continuous growth – and works hard to ensure that DevIQ’s success is shared across the board, especially with our customers.

Denton Crofts
Don Kasica

Don leads our business with a genuine commitment to the success of DevIQ customers and employees. Over decades, he’s founded, grown, and advised technology and management consulting firms – helping countless organizations, teams, and individuals achieve their best outcomes. An experienced entrepreneur, Don grew his own consulting startup to 200 employees and $22M in revenue before being acquired.

At DevIQ, Don continues to build talented teams, set up people and processes for success, integrate organizational values with technical excellence, and ultimately ensure our customers’ success.

Don Kasica

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