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Featured articles, case studies, white papers, infographics, and more from the DevIQ team.

The Road Ahead: Embracing Agile in Greenfield Projects

Greenfield projects offer a unique opportunity for innovation and creativity, but also ...
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AWS Amplify Benefits & Limitations: What, Why, and When?

DevIQ is leveraging AWS Amplify to build and ship applications quickly and ...
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Client Case Study: Enterprise Data Strategy & Tool Selection for a Distributed Metals Supplier

Our customer has been in business 100+ years. They’re one of the largest family-owned ...
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Client Case Study: Grow Operations Data Platform

Our client is an indoor horticulture provider that deploys patented LED Lights with ...
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DevIQ on MLOps: Efficient Project Execution

These activities are an investment that yields business value… streamlining work and ...
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Client Case Study: Rapid Go-to-Market Cloud Software Solution

Our client is an agricultural-tech company that delivers a highly differentiated approach ...
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AWS SQS and Decoupled Architectures: Benefits and Use Cases

A good architect is constantly thinking about the growth of the application... Using a ...
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Evolving Smarter: Six Key Stages of Smart Connected Operations

The focus of SmartOps is on moving the needle regarding “how” business operations can be ...
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DevIQ on MLOps: Structured Project Management

Combined, these elements empower team members and instill confidence in stakeholders that ...
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Client Case Study: Integrated Genetic Testing Solution

Our client: a fast-growing Lab Diagnostic provider of pharmacogenomic testing, allowing ...
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Client Case Study: Compliance & Auditing for Dosimetry

Our client provides software & hardware to facilitate FDA compliance for the process ...
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Caseworthy Case Study: Azure Analytics & Reporting Platform

CaseWorthy is a flexible platform designed for human services organizations and built for ...
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