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Featured articles, case studies, white papers, infographics, and more from the DevIQ team.

AWS Amplify Benefits & Limitations: What, Why, and When?

DevIQ is leveraging AWS Amplify to build and ship applications quickly and ...
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Client Case Study: Grow Operations Data Platform

Our client is an indoor horticulture provider that deploys patented LED Lights with ...
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Client Case Study: Rapid Go-to-Market Cloud Software Solution

Our client is an agricultural-tech company that delivers a highly differentiated approach ...
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AWS SQS and Decoupled Architectures: Benefits and Use Cases

A good architect is constantly thinking about the growth of the application... Using a ...
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Synapse Case Study: IIoT Energy Management & Predictive Analytics

Synapse improves profitability and sustainability by enabling manufacturers to enhance ...
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iHydrant Case Study: IIoT Data Science & GIS Mapping

iHydrant technology revolutionizes water systems, leveraging powerful real-time analytics ...
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Best Practices for Secure Serverless Development

Adoption of Serverless Did you know that as of late 2019, four out of 10 enterprises have ...
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Using Vue for your IoT Solution – Bill Baker @ VueConf 2022

Using Vue for your IoT Solution – DevIQ's Bill Baker at VueConf 2022 We were creating a ...
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Client Case Study: Scalable Philanthropic CrowdfundiNg Platform

Our client is a leading crowdfunding organization for schools nationwide had a goal to ...
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The Influence Board Case Study: A Win-Win Solution for CXOs & Vendors

The Influence Board (TIB) is a web platform that matches busy executives with vendors ...
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Collective Goods Case Study: Paper-to-Digital Transformation

Collective Goods, formerly Books are Fun, offers novelty products to customers through ...
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Visionaire Pangea Case Study: Industrial IoT Management Platform

Visionaire Lighting, a subsidiary of Pangea Global Technologies, is a successful LED ...
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