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Featured articles, case studies, white papers, infographics, and more from the DevIQ team.

Business of IoT - DevIQ Daybreak Education Series

Business of IoT – DevIQ Daybreak Education Series   The whole point of IoT in business is ...
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Payment Integration - DevIQ Daybreak Education Series

Payment Integration, Trends, and Best Practices – DevIQ Daybreak Education Series   The ...
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What is MLOps? A Standard Operating Procedure for Success.

    Implementing MLOps processes and requirements allows data science projects to ...
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Designing your Design Sprint for Software Development

    On the road to understanding how to build superior software and an exceptional client ...
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Using Vue for your IoT Solution – Bill Baker @ VueConf 2022

Using Vue for your IoT Solution  – DevIQ's Bill Baker at VueConf 2022   We were creating ...
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Data Lake vs Lakehouse vs Data Mesh: The Evolution of Data Transformation

The data analytics buzzwords are quickly changing these days and rapid transformation is ...
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Systematic IT Modernization: Strangling the Beast

Transforming Legacy Systems & Optimizing Fast Flow Delivery   It’s not about whether ...
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NuTone Case Study: Voice-driven Home Automation

  NuTone, now Broan-NuTone, was one of Nortek Control's most recognizable brands, with a ...
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Pratt Miller Engineering Case Study: Vehicle Management Software

Pratt Miller Engineering (PME) is a product development company focused on motorsports, ...
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The Influence Board Case Study: A Win-Win Solution for CXOs & Vendors

The Influence Board (TIB) is a web platform that matches busy executives with vendors ...
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