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Client Case Study: Sustainable Platform for Climate Impact Data

Our client empowers and incentivizes people to make climate-smarter choices. Their proprietary algorithm analyzes an individual’s real-time climate impact, a.k.a., carbon footprint, and tracks improvements – for which retail rewards can be earned.



Design and implement a cloud-based platform that gathers third party consumer data to produce a score using our client’s proprietary algorithm. An automated, unbiased analysis of verifiable data was required for quantifying carbon footprints for individuals across the nation at scale. 


DevIQ engineered a serverless backend and service layer, built on AWS Cloud infrastructure, to support a consumer and merchant-partner experience, helping our client scale expert resources up quickly and bring its vision to life. Our solution also included translating a spreadsheet algorithm into fully-automated code.


The new data platform is secure, scalable, and fully-automated – and it consumes only the energy needed to meet demand. Founded to help people and businesses understand and reduce their climate impact, this climate start-up champion will set a strong example with sustainable IT infrastructure practices.


AWS Cloud Infrastructure – highly available, sustainable, and scalable