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Machine Learning Operations, Design Sprints, VueConf 2022, Women In Tech... and we're hiring!


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What is MLOps? A Standard Operating Procedure for Success

Implementing machine learning operations (MLOps) right can mean the difference between success and failure for a data science project. Here, Benjamin Johnson, Ph.D., connects problems to solutions in this essential translation of DevOps best practices. Benjamin is DevIQ's Data Science Lead, especially focused on Data Strategy & Experience, Mathematical Modeling & Advanced Analytics, Algorithm Development & Deployment, and Artificial Intelligence / MLOps Integrations & Operations.

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Designing Your Design Sprint for Software Development

 Design sprints enable an accelerated understanding of problems to solve, create better user experiences, and optimize all the steps in between. So how do you create an ideal sprint environment? And what sprint schedule would fit your project best? Check out this essential info on making design sprints work for teams, projects, and clients by Bill Baker, DevIQ's JavaScript & AWS Lead.

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DevIQ's Bill Baker on IoT Process at VueConf 2022

"We were creating a cloud device shadow, a virtual representation of all of our physical devices. And we’re cascading that shadow now into Pinia. So we’re creating a shadow of a shadow..." Watch Bill Baker, DevIQ's Javascript and AWS Lead, walk through IoT process around Vue's Pinia store library at VueConf 2022 – please link to the video from our website.

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2022 Women In Tech Conference

DevIQ was a proud sponsor of the 2022 Women in Tech (WIT) Conference, hosted by Colorado Technology Association. Now in its 12th year, WIT "engages meaningful discourse on technology trends, leadership, and the opportunities and challenges facing women building a career in tech." After the September 14th event, DevIQ's Lead Project Manager Natalie Gonzalez returned with insights to inspire our whole team. Keep in touch with us on LinkedIn for more upcoming event news!

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We're Hiring!

We partner with passionate companies focused on reducing energy consumption, curing disease, improving education, building smart cities, and more. From true innovation and synergetic partnerships to competitive full-time benefits and a strong team culture, DevIQ is a great place to work.

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