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Client Case Study: Compliance & Auditing for Dosimetry

Our client provides software & hardware to facilitate FDA compliance for the process of cleaning medical equipment with radiation.


Replacing a 15-year-old Windows solution. Meet demands such as electronic storage, data exchange, customizations, and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 FDA data retention & auditing.


Software that connects to multiple peripherals, provides custom reports, and exposes multiple data storage & exchange configurations.


Reduced support costs by deploying a single product solution to diverse clientele around the world. Their end users can confidently provide on-demand auditable reports and data access to the FDA and international compliance agencies.

Our client says, "Being a small company with no software development experience, we relied on DevIQ's turn-key team. They learned and tackled a completely new technical topic (dosimetry) and have proven that they have the ability to design technical software to meet the business needs of our clients."