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Client Case Study: Integrated Genetic Testing Solution

Our client: a fast-growing Lab Diagnostic provider of pharmacogenomic testing, allowing healthcare providers to deliver individualized medicine to patients, specifically focused on drug/DNA interaction for pre and post surgery response analysis.


Building an end-to-end LIMS solution that integrates nine vendors and technologies in a cohesive and traceable workflow, including wearable data collection and integration.


An integrated cloud platform that supports near-term GSA assay testing, reporting, and billing needs – while enabling expansion and scale of future NGS offerings.


Some of the technology expertise used in this project include:

  • Enterprise Pub/Sub Messaging
  • Web portals: patient, physician, and laboratory UX & workflow
  • ClearDATA integration & compliance auditing
  • Stack:

    - React

    - Node.js

    - .NET Core

    - Google Cloud


An end-to-end solution for NGS lab testing, analytics, and delivery of precision medicine reporting results to providers and patients, enabling scale for large covered entities, yet also providing full ownership of the technology with HIPAA compliance and liability assurance.