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nortek home security smart panel

Nortek 2GIG Case Study: Home Security Smart Panel

Nortek Control is a global, diversified industrial company that is parent of several brands that design and manufacture technology-driven solutions for lifestyle improvement at home and at work. One of its brands is 2GIG, the #1 home security and automation platform in the industry.


Develop a COSU (Corporate Owned Single Use) device for home security in less than 100 days to meet mass production deadlines and scheduled corporate product launch.

from generic Android device to COSU application


Dev IQ partnered with Nortek Control’s 2GIG team to develop a Wireless Secondary Security Touchscreen to complement their existing GC3 wall panel. GC3 is a Security & Control System with a wall-mounted screen that functions as a smart alarm and smart home controller. Dev IQ became a true extension of Nortek’s team, with fast turnarounds and deep Android experience. The device is mass produced in China.

Key Features

  • Connects using WiFi or GC3 Access Point
  • One-touch arming
  • At-a-glance system status
  • Chime for open sensor
  • Bypass open zones
Nortek and 2gig logo


family enjoying safe home

The tight deadline was met and the resulting product was device mass produced in China. It is now available in the market. Dev IQ was instrumental for Nortek to reach its tight go-to-market deadline. The open communication, fast turnaround, and deep expertise in mobile development translated in a success that we are happy to share.