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Pangea composition

Visionaire Pangea Case Study: Industrial IoT Management Platform

Visionaire Lighting, a subsidiary of Pangea Global Technologies, is a successful LED lighting and fixture manufacturer boldly stepping into IoT / smart lighting solutions and services. DevIQ partnered with Visionaire to develop Pangea, an extensible Industrial IoT Platform for controlling and managing smart lighting and related IoT sensors for cities and large commercial/ industrial customers embracing LED technology.



Developing an open platform that supports multiple IoT device types and control systems, while delivering an incredible User Experience.

Pangea is an incredibly important and strategic initiative for Visionaire. It was essential that we find and engage with the right trusted partner to build it. There is no doubt that DevIQ was the right choice. They’ve provided the technical expertise and strategic leadership we needed and helped us to deliver a truly unique and innovative platform for our customers.
Roger Cheek
Pangea Global Technologies



A cloud-based platform and SaaS service that scales to millions of devices and enables integration with any IoT smart device that has an API interface.

  • Inception – persona & user stories, UI & UX design.
  • Construction – rapid prototyping and agile development.
  • Transition – rollout and production support.

DevIQ met with solution stakeholders – Visionaire staff, customers and partners – to identify and define key business objectives and desired solution benefits. We worked with Visionaire leadership to develop a technology strategy to align with these objectives and deliver these benefits to Visionaire customers.


Defining Key Features

Following our product development process, we then worked with the same stakeholders to define the Pangea product.

  • A “single pane of glass” to view network and device status, sensor data, device telemetry, alarms, etc.
  • Actionable data analytics, such as energy consumption and savings based on actual device readings.
  • A “central command” map view of all deployed devices with site and zone navigation, group selection alarm monitoring and more.
  • Control and configuration of devices through individual and group selection.
  • Advanced visual scheduling of device operations for applications like “smart lighting”.



Some of the technology expertise used in this project include:

  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • GraphQL
  • Node.js
  • DevIQ Blueprint
  • AWS RDS – PostgreSQL
  • AWS ElasticSearch
  • AWS Route53
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS IoT Core


Highly flexible, ultimately scalable

  • Pangea was architected to support individual customers in a variety of industries as well as Visionaire partners who wish to leverage Pangea to provide their own services.
  • Built with proven cloud technologies, Pangea is capable of supporting the needs of single-site customers looking for “smart lighting” solutions to large municipalities interested in “smart city” solutions.
  • The world of IoT is incredibly diverse. From an ever growing number of devices and sensors to a large number of incumbent platform providers – such as lighting control systems, the integration requirements are extensive. Pangea is built to handle this and is ready to help Visionaire customers and partners deliver integrated solutions.



More than 60 industrial and municipal customers are using this platform to manage their smart lighting and/or industrial sensors and devices. Since launch, significant demand in the Horticulture market has fueled even more growth than originally anticipated.

With Pangea, Visionaire now has a platform to address the needs of their customers today and deliver on their vision of tomorrow: an open, extensible, and scalable IoT platform that leverages Smart Lighting as an infrastructure to deliver ever more value to customers in the long term.


Roger Cheek, President of Pangea Global Technologies, talks about his experience working with us:


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