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DaVita Case Study: Operations Automation for Dialysis Clinics

A leading provider of dialysis services in the United States, DaVita Kidney Care treats patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease. Dev IQ became an extension of DaVita’s team to develop a web platform for automating the creation of operations guides.


The business of saving lives at DaVita’s 2,197 dialysis centers requires a high level of customization for each one of their 179,000 patients. Because treatment varies by patient, each dialysis center must follow a strict protocol and be prepared to deliver customized treatment at every dialysis station.

The administration needed in order to set up just one center for a day’s worth of treatments required an hour of preparation to ensure the correct supplies were available and all stations met the high level of regulatory compliance (which varies by state).

Over 2,000 documents would be generated and distributed manually every day to guide the set up for each center. This task was too laborious and error prone to continue.


Dev IQ developed an automated web platform that administrators could utilize to generate their daily set up documents. The platform takes into account all of the parameters that affect setting up a dialysis center. The administrators can adjust the parameters and apply different rules in order to generate a set up document that meets the requirements of their patient’s needs and state regulation.


Dev IQ was able to work directly with the Operations Team to deliver this functionality, as DaVita’s internal development team did not have the bandwidth to take on this project.  What once took 2,197 man-hours per day and posed a compliance risk now only takes a few swift clicks. Now DaVita can spend less time stressing about back end administrative get back to focus on their core – healthcare.