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Pratt Miller Camaro racing

Pratt Miller Engineering Case Study: Vehicle Management Software

Pratt Miller Engineering (PME) is a product development company focused on motorsports, defense, mobility, and innovation. Developing track-side technology for NASCAR and their own Corvette racing team, PME continues a long-standing partnership with the DevIQ team developing vehicle management and simulation software.


Unique challenges exist when testing race vehicles. Costs associated with track-side testing can be prohibitive. Also, the speed and volume at which data is available can make it difficult to capture, collect, and analyze.

In order to support race vehicle development, PME needed to modernize existing systems used for data collection. Additionally, in order to reduce live vehicle testing costs, PME needed a simulation engine that allowed for complex data input and output without ever stepping foot on a track.

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Car render
Aerodynamics simulation

DevIQ works closely with the PME team to develop desktop and web-based tools for collecting and analyzing product data.

Under the flagship product name, VES, the focus of the system’s design is a motorsports-specific solution. However, the VES toolset is highly configurable and is easily repurposed for other vehicle development programs. The VES product is also the baseline for a new and innovative suite of simulation tools named STS.

DevIQ and PME work closely with the engineering teams at PME to build and deliver VES and STS technology.


Pratt Miller Engineering NASCAR


Some of the technology expertise used in this project include:

  • MS Azure
  • .NET C#
  • WPF
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript



A long-term and on-going partnership between PME and DevIQ exists to make both organizations better. Value is derived from building cost-effective and expert technical teams. Detailed engineering specifications are addressed in a timely and reliable fashion, allowing the PME motorsports division to support race-critical operations at the highest level.

Pratt Miller Engineering racing Corvettes

Visit Pratt Miller’s website and learn more about their business.