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Articles from our team on SmartOps, MLOps, and AWS Decoupled Architecture. Plus, new team members and open positions!


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Evolving Smarter: Six Key Stages of Smart Connected Operations

Many companies are focused on building smart, connected products (SCP), but every company can improve operational excellence using IoT – even if connectivity isn’t a feature of the end-product. In this new article, Managing Partner Shawn Davison defines SmartOps (Smart Connected Operations) and explains how it moves the needle regarding “how” business operations can be transformed, with its own six-stage lifecycle and maturity model.

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DevIQ on MLOps: Structured Project Management

In the second part of our series on machine learning operations (MLOps), DevIQ's Data Science Lead, Benjamin Johnson, Ph.D. shares structured project management practices to successfully motivate your project, define problems, scope work, and formalize communication. Adapted for data science from DevOps best practices, this framework for all activities in an MLOps project will empower your team members and instill confidence in your stakeholders.

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AWS SQS and Decoupled Architecture: Benefits & Use Cases

Curious about AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service)? DevIQ’s AWS Lead, Bill Baker, shares six key benefits and two illustrated examples to get you started. Strategically decoupled architectures can help companies build more scalable, reliable, and flexible applications, while reducing the complexity and cost of managing message queues. Implement queues sooner than later to help reduce downtime (and customer complaints!) as your application grows.

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DevIQ - Building Software, Improving Life.

Welcome New DevIQ Team Members!

Jerry Colwell, Chief Delivery Officer

Jerry is a 35-year tech industry veteran who most recently served as General Manager for a leading digital transformation consultancy. 

Rachna Gupta, Senior Project Manager

A highly experienced SDLC project leader, Rachna specializes in all aspects of Agile project lifecycles.


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