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AWS Re:Invent, Annual Poster Illustration, Certifications, and Open Positions!


  • AWS Re:Invent with DevIQ's Shawn Davison & Bill Baker
  • 18 Certification Achievements by the DevIQ team
  • Our 2023 Poster Illustration: Discover Immersive Experiences!
  • Job Opportunities at DevIQ

What is MLOps? A Standard Operating Procedure for Success

DevIQ's Shawn Davison (Managing Partner) and Bill Baker (AWS & JavaScript Lead) attended AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas on Nov 28 - Dec 2: A "learning conference hosted by AWS for the global cloud computing community." DevIQ is proud to be an AWS Select Consulting Partner with six active certifications among our technologists (plus more in progress). Visit our website for case studies and other AWS topics from our team.


Certified Excellence

In 2022, our small & mighty team of 24 earned or renewed 18 certifications across Microsoft Azure, AWS, Databricks, Terraform, Esri, and Scrum! DevIQ encourages and supports ongoing education and certification for every team member, and we're incredibly proud of their accomplishments. Learn more about who we are and what we do at DevIQ.io!

Visit website DevIQ.io

Discover Immersive Experiences!

We've published our 2023 poster illustration, print-ready with a theme that drives each of us at DevIQ. Experience is where immersion is felt, in life and in our work as product designers, engineers, data scientists, solution architects, quality assurance pros, project managers, strategists, and integrators. In case you missed it, find the PDF and printing tips here!


We're Hiring!

We partner with passionate companies focused on reducing energy consumption, curing disease, improving education, building smart cities, and more. From true innovation and synergetic partnerships to competitive full-time benefits and a strong team culture, DevIQ is a great place to work.

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