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What We Do


Digital product strategy, design, and engineering

What’s your next move? Whether you’re testing the waters of innovation or diving in, let’s have a conversation about what’s important, what’s possible, and how quickly DevIQ can get you there.

Cloud-Native Apps
  • Mobile (native iOS, Android, responsive web)
  • Desktop (full-featured, browser-based applications)
  • Azure
  • AWS
Application Platforms
  • Public APIs
  • SaaS Modernization
  • Headless Systems
  • Evolving Architectures
  • Secure Deployments
  • Continuous Delivery
User Experience Design
  • CX, UX, and UI
  • Design Thinking
  • Human Centered Design
  • Screen, Touch, Voice
  • User Research
  • Usability Testing
Data Science & Engineering
  • Data Strategy & Experience (DX)
  • Graph / Data APIs
  • Pipelines and Data Fabrics
  • AI / Machine Learning Integration
  • Algorithm Development & Modeling
Industrial IoT Ecosystem Design
  • Product-as-a-Service Design
  • Control System Integration
  • Dashboards & Visualization
  • Digital Twin Engineering & Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance Modeling

End-to-end starts here.

Working with DevIQ, you’ll find we’re as committed to flexibility as we are to predictability. Our process is based on disciplined Agile with continuous delivery, which reduces complexity and risk – and makes room for an iterative, adaptive, design-thinking approach to innovation.

This is how we keep value in continuous motion for our customers: Delivering micro and macro adjustments in a continuous stream of excellence, transforming uncertainty into certainty in real time, staying ahead of problems, identifying next best steps, and fixing it forward.

DevIQ end-to-end process blueprint

Featured work

We specialize in smart product engineering that drives transformation for our customers – and their success is truly our success. A selection of case studies is included in our Insights section, with many more available by request.

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Thinking about your next move – or three moves ahead? We can help.