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Client Case Study: Scalable Philanthropic CrowdfundiNg Platform

Our client is a leading crowdfunding organization for schools nationwide had a goal to empower kids – by providing much-needed programs and raising funds via their fun and engaging events.



Delivering a custom, highly scalable cloud platform for seasonal events that could handle dramatic traffic peaks without end-user friction. Our client had been using a 3rd-party SaaS platform for years that didn’t provide the data, flexibility, and scalability necessary to meet business needs and make informed decisions.


A bespoke crowdfunding platform built on AWS Cloud infrastructure with feature flags and event-level configurations, an API for reporting and metrics, a dockerized approach for data privacy, and a scalable infrastructure to reduce costs while accommodating seasonal peaks and valleys with high availability.


Freedom to plan and execute hundreds of events per season, maximizing revenue and scaling traffic with affordable – yet incredibly stable – performance. The custom platform handles 1M+ web requests daily, and donations per student exceed those of SaaS industry leaders.

"DevIQ is able to jump in and add value immediately at any stage of your project. They are never short-sided in their recommendations; they are always positioning your company for the future.” – Client Project Manager


Amazon EventBridge

Amazon Elasticache for Redis
Amazon RDS PostgreSQL
Amazon Elastic Container Registry
AWS EC2 and Auto Scaling Groups (ASG)
AWS CloudFront, Route53 and ALB
AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild
HashiCorp Terraform IaC, Sentry.io
React JavaScript Framework
Ruby on Rails + Sidekiq
Stripe, PayPal Payment Integrations
SendGrid, Twilio Communications