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Systematic IT Modernization: Strangling the Beast

Transforming Legacy Systems & Optimizing Fast Flow Delivery

It’s not about whether the business needs to deliver 10x faster — it’s about whether IT can step up to the business demands, when needed. It’s about making small improvements and fixing failures more quickly, resulting in more progress in less time. Those that are increasing their IT agility are those that are likely to succeed.
One of the best known strategies for incremental, systematic refactoring of legacy software is often referred to as strangulation or “strangling the beast” based on work done by Martin Fowler.

View or download the complete white paper by Shawn Davison, CEO and Managing Partner at DevIQ. Section topics include:

  • The Challenge to Modernize
  • The Path to IT Modernization
  • The Components of Systematic IT Modernization
  • How to "Strangle the Beast"
  • Transformation Strategy (Strangler Architecture Pattern)
  • The Right Team Topology
  • Continuous Delivery Pipeline (Agile + DevOps culture + Tools)
  • Modern Development Tools
  • Continuous Delivery Framework (Structured Process + Proven Tools)




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